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Dear Sacred Medicine Sisters,

We extend a heartfelt invitation to embark on a transformative journey through Mystic Temple.

This sacred circle is a profound opportunity for women seeking to reconnect with their inner wisdom, embrace their divine feminine essence, and align with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. Guided by our facilitators Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley, you will journey with the 12 themes of Goddesses, Grandmothers, Fairies, Angels and Archetypes – each representing a unique aspect of your own spiritual and personal growth.

From the nurturing energies of the Earth “Sacred Woodlands” to the passionate fires of the “Magic of Avalon”, the intuitive waters of the “Water Wisdom”, and the visionary winds of the “Fierce Femininity”, this program will empower you to awaken the Priestess within. Throughout the year we will delve into eight more captivating themes, including Medicine Woman, Star & Moon Magic, Angel, Fairy & Goddesses, Animal Guides, Royal Fairies, Quan Yin, Goddesses of Grace and Wisdomkeepers, to uncover a wealth of mystical and spiritual insights.

Join us in this sacred sisterhood where ancient wisdom meets modern empowerment, and together, we will awaken your magic within and create a life in harmony with the rhythms of the universe.

Andrea and Joanna

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For those interested in a flexible approach, enjoy Mystic Temple Community for 1 month. Our Drop-In option grants access to our monthly themed course and ceremony, ideal for a one-time experience. If you decide to upgrade to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription at any time during the month, just let us know and your drop-in fee will be applied to your subscription!

Here’s what awaits you every month:

We invite you to step into a realm of mystic wisdom and self-discovery with our exclusive Community Healing Temple Subscription. Our sacred sanctuary has been created to empower and enlighten your journey as a modern medicine woman.

Each month has 3.5+ hours of teachings and ceremony, PDF work book, rites and bonuses. Replays are uploaded after each class with workbooks in case you miss a class. Extra classes, events, meditations, readings and podcasts are shared on our private platform.

Subscription members get access to our archive library of 7 hours of healing classes: Winter Solstice: Star Elk, Medicine Woman: Manifesting Wheel, Imbolc: Goddess Brigid, Angel Temple: Hope Faith & Charity, Love Temple: Goddess Aphrodite, Fairy Temple: Leprechaun Journey, Spring Equinox: Goddesses Demeter and Ostara.

Subscription Members receive 20% off Healing Session with Joanna or Andrea

Discount Codes are in Welcome Package on Private Platform.

Online and Live Ceremony

Each month has one 1.5 hr recorded class and one live 2 hr ceremony.

Immerse yourself in our sacred circle where we will explore ancient wisdom, healing practices, and spiritual growth.

Monthly Themed PDF Journal

Embark on a journey of self-reflection and personal growth with our monthly journal. Dive deep into your insights, dreams, and desires and nurture your connection with your true self.

Rituals, Ceremonies, Rites and Attunements

Hold immense importance as these help honor traditions and cultures, facilitate personal and spiritual growth, and create a deeper sense of connection and purpose in your life through altars, offerings, healing, prayer, devotion and reverence.

Remembering your Intuitive and Artistic Talents

Claim your unique healing and creative talents and learn to embrace them fully, allowing yourself to thrive in your true essence.

Connecting with your Enlightened Wisdom

Break free from limitations and step into your authentic self, ready to spread your medicine wings and soar trough your life.

Claiming your Self-Sovereignty

Explore the depths of your self-sovereignty and connect with your life’s mission confidently and in harmony with your inner knowing.


Sacred Woodlands
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Awakening your Medicine Woman

April Calendar

Sacred Woodlands Ceremony

Discover the Magic of the Sacred Woodlands!

Part 1

Friday, April 12th, 2024

1.5 hr Pre-Recorded

Class and PDF Drops 12pm PST

Join us for a month as we guide you to feel the heartbeat of the Sacred Woodlands. You will explore the enchanting world of Forest Guides and Goddesses, where trees, plants, water, and earth ground you with forest healing energies.

A Journey of Moon and Star Alchemy

Part 2

Saturday, April 20th, 2024


3pm PST / 5pm CST / 6pm EST

2 Hours = 1.5 hr Recorded

.5 hr Non Recorded Rites and Private Sharing

This is an opportunity for you to explore the Sacred Woodlands on a deeper, personal level. It’s about getting in tune with the earth and plants, and letting calm restorative shifts work within you.

We invite you to dance in the forest realm with us, and uncover what magical soul healing is waiting for you!

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Monthly Themes

The Year Ahead 

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