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Spiritual Healing Sessions offer a range of potential benefits for individuals seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of healing sessions can vary from person to person, and they are not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.


In the realm of spiritual healing, there exists a diverse multitude of modalities, each with its own wisdom and methods, providing a rich tapestry of options for seekers of inner growth, healing, and self-discovery. Some of ours are:

Soul Retrieval

A profound healing process that aims to recover and reintegrate fragmented aspects of one’s soul, fostering greater wholeness and personal transformation.

Soul Contracts

Heal pre-arranged agreements made on a soul level, that served as guiding blueprints for our life’s experiences, relationships, and lessons.

Soul Mapping

A deep exploration of one’s spiritual journey and life purpose, creating a personalized roadmap to navigate and align with one’s true calling and destiny.

Ancestry Work

Involves addressing and resolving ancestral wounds and traumas, to promote inner healing and a profound transformation of the soul’s present path.

Womb Healing

Transformative practice that focuses on releasing emotional and energetic imprints, blockages stored in the womb space to nurturing deep healing and empowerment.

Feminine Guides

Serve as a valuable resource to help women strengthen their connection to their feminine energy, fostering empowerment, enlightenment, and personal power.

Please look at our individual services pages for more modalities and tools.

Session Work

Joanna Wiley

Shamanic Practitioner

Joanna Wiley has been practicing Shamanic and Energetic Medicine for 20 years in 5 lineages (Peruvian, Mayan, Celtic, Lakota, Cree), and 26 years of Yoga and Buddhism. She is a multiple Mesa Carrier and weaves together a tapestry of shamanic medicine, healing arts, sacred space, meditations, and journeys through non-dual wisdom teachings.

Andrea Dombecki

Angel Fairy Reader

Andrea Dombecki is an Angel and Fairy Teacher, Energy Healer, Author, and Artist. She has had a lifelong passion for spiritual healing and her channeling abilities opened at a very young age. For over 20 years, she has developed her skills for healing and started her own practice, by offering intuitive healing modalities in both in One-On-One Sessions and Teaching Courses.

Single Sessions

Single sessions are a great way to sample shamanic healing work.

Session Packages

Session packages are a great way to dive deeper on a subject.


Mentoring is a container for powerful transformation.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

 Joanna’s Shamanic Healing Sessions offer a profound holistic approach to wellness, rooted in ancient wisdom and spiritual connection. During these transformative sessions, Joanna guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and healing, tapping into the realms of the spirit world to address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. Through rituals, energy work, and the use of sacred tools, participants often experience profound insights, release emotional blockages, and regain a sense of balance and harmony in their lives. Joanna’s shamanic healing sessions invite individuals to reconnect with their inner wisdom, align with the natural rhythms of the universe, and embark on a profound healing journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional medicine.

Angel Fairy Healing Sessions

Andrea’s Angel Fairy Healing Sessions offer a gentle and spiritually uplifting experience that invites clients to connect with the realm of angels and fairies for profound healing and guidance. During these sessions, Andrea serves as a conduit between the ethereal world and the individual seeking healing. Participants often report feeling surrounded by a loving and nurturing presence as they receive energy, insights, and messages from these celestial beings. Angel Fairy Healing Sessions aim to restore balance, soothe emotional wounds, and provide clarity on life’s challenges, offering a unique blend of celestial wisdom and natural magic. Andrea’s sessions open the door to a realm of light, love, and enchantment, guiding individuals on a transformative path towards inner peace and well-being.

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