Calling medicine women to awaken your ancient powers.

Welcome to the birth of Mystic Temple

We co-created this online sanctuary for women.

We are a community where we explore our spiritual gifts in a sacred container. Our Mystic Temples are calling you to be immersed in the divine elements of the Medicine Woman by exploring divine teachings, ceremonies, rituals and attunements.

We weave together women’s ancient wisdom to be awakened on a soul level, and integrated into daily life through the Fairies, Angels, Goddesses, Grandmothers and Archetypes.

With Co-Founders:

Andrea Dombecki and Joanna Wiley

Angel Fairy Healing & Heart Mountain Wellness


Mystic Temple Sanctuary


The Mystic Temple is a sacred journey into the realms of ancient wisdom and spiritual empowerment. As a member of this mystical healing community, you will be invited to embark on a transformative path guided by our founders who possess deep knowledge of esoteric traditions and mystical practices. Through a combination of rituals, ceremonies, and teachings, you will uncover the hidden mysteries of the universe, develop your intuitive abilities, and connect with your inner divinity.

Our temple is a sanctuary of spiritual growth and sisterhood, where seekers of all backgrounds come together to explore the depths of their spiritual potential and awaken the priestess within. Whether you seek to deepen your connection to the divine, harness your innate magical powers, or simply find a community of like-minded souls, the Mystic Temple Priestess Mystery School offers a profound and illuminating journey into the sacred mysteries of life.

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Summer 2024 Community
Healing Temple


Awakening your Medicine Woman

✨ Mystic Temple Update! ✨

Summer 2024

We are taking the summer off our Subscription Courses for in-person events AND we will be dropping new content, spontaneous events, gatherings, podcasts, and ceremonies throughout the summer. Stay in touch with our newsletter, online and in person!

Priestess Path was our closing ceremony of our 6-month cycle December to May. All of our courses and classes are for purchase here:

We are opening a FREE area on our platform Mighty Networks and gifting a bonus class, so please join us!!

We will be opening Mystic Temple Mystery School, September to December for another season of nurturing and deepening. Our Autumn schedule is brewing, and we will be teaching: personal skills, tools, medicines, and practices to learn channeling, shamanism, intuition and energy healing.

Thank you for your support,
💛 Andrea and Joanna

Remote Ceremonies with Andrea:

Join Andrea’s Summer Solstice Class

Queen Mab and the Summer Fairies

In-Person Ceremonies with Joanna:

Join in-person Solstice, Equinox and the Cardinal direction ceremonies by connecting with Heart Mountain Newsletter and selecting interest: “In-person Ceremony” and you will be added to the email list!

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